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Today's wireless news from around the Web:

Truecaller lands pre-install deal with Huawei as it crosses 90M monthly users

(source: MobileCrunch)
truecaller Truecaller has landed a partnership with Huawei which will see its caller ID and smart phone book app pre-loaded on the fast-growing Chinese company’s overseas smartphones. Read More

EE's latest perk is six months of free Apple Music

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

Hot on the heels of EE giving subscribers free access to BT Sport's app for six months -- big spenders get it for the length of their contract, too -- the carrier is adding yet another tantalising perk. Starting September 1st, any new or upgrading pay-monthly customer on a handset or SIM-only plan can also enjoy a free, six-month Apple Music subscription. It's the standard win-win scenario for both companies. EE hopes it'll tempt users to stick with or move to the network, with Apple hoping you'll cough up £10 each month to keep your subscription active after the trial period ends.

Source: EE

iPhone 7 could have tap-to-pay feature for Japan's subways

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

Apple might give its upcoming iPhones an extra feature exclusively for people living in Japan. According to Bloomberg, the tech titan is planning to add tap-to-pay support for the country's extensive subway system. To accomplish that, it will equip the devices with FeliCa chips, the Sony-developed mobile tap-to-pay standard in the country. Think of FeliCa as Japan's equivalent to NFC, except a lot more people use it.

Source: Bloomberg

Dropbox is resetting passwords for accounts that haven’t changed them since mid-2012

(source: MobileCrunch)
dropbox-biz1 Dropbox is requiring users who have not changed their passwords since mid-2012 to reset their passwords this afternoon. The action appears to be related to continued fallout over the massive hack on LinkedIn in 2012 where credentials for 117 million accounts were posted online. In recent months, treasure troves of user credentials and passwords — in addition to a large MySpace hack… Read More

WeVideo revamps its online video editor for HTML5

(source: MobileCrunch)
wevideo WeVideo has rebuilt its browser-based video editor using HTML5 instead of Flash. For many of you, the whole debate about HTML5 versus Flash may seem like a weird flashback to 2010. But Flash is taking a while to die completely — Google Chrome, for example, continues to phase out Flash gradually. CEO Krishna Menon said that in the case of WeVideo’s new editor (which launched… Read More

Facebook’s video editor is embarrassingly old, and Apple is creeping

(source: MobileCrunch)
Facebook's Old Video Uploader You know you screwed up if Apple is about to one-up you on social. Facebook hasn’t upgraded its video editor in well over three years. Lagging far behind Snapchat, YouTube and even Instagram, it’s a stretch to even call the featureless artifact a video editor. Read More

Apple patenting a way to collect iPhone thieves' fingerprints

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

Apple's done a lot to curb iPhone theft via the "Find my iPhone" feature and encryption that locks out users if an incorrect code or fingerprint is used too often. However, it's thinking about getting more proactive, judging by a recent patent application. It claims a method of "capturing biometric information for identifying unauthorized users," including fingerprints, video or audio. The information could be stored or send to a server, where police could presumably use it to figure out who nabbed your device.

Via: Apple Insider

Source: USPTO

Your iPhone 6 could be falling victim to 'touch disease'

(source: Engagdget Mobile)
If you've seen a flickering gray bar at the top of your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you may be the victim of a serious problem plaguing your mobile device. According to iFixIt and Forbes, the issue is widespread enough to warrant several pages of complaints via the Apple support forums. The problem is, both the repair techs who continually see the issues coming in and the customers taking to the internet to make their concerns known aren't seeing much done about it.

Source: Forbes, iFixit

Navisens raises $2.6 million to power its crazy accurate inertial smartphone/AR tracking

(source: MobileCrunch)
navisens-name-with-logo Whether you’re clumsily attempting to find where your Uber is parked or trying to find your friend at a crowded venue, it’s clear that GPS has some major limitations that need to be fixed. Navisens wants to gather reliable mapping data from users’ smartphones without even touching GPS, instead relying on sensors like the gyroscope and accelerometer to track the… Read More

Apple patches three zero-day exploits after activist is hacked

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

Apple has rolled out a patch for three previously unknown zero-day exploits that were used to target the iPhone 6 of Ahmed Mansoor, an award-winning human rights activist based in the United Arab Emirates. Security company Lookout and internet watchdog group Citizen Lab investigated the attack on Mansoor's iPhone and found it to be the product of NSO Group, a "cyber war" organization based in Israel that's responsible for distributing a powerful, government-exclusive spyware product called Pegasus.

Source: Citizen Lab, Apple, Lookout

Apple may be building a Snapchat-like video app

(source: MobileCrunch)
iphone-6-plus-camera After a failed attempt to go social with Ping in 2010, Apple may have a renewed sense of excitement over the social space, according to a report from Bloomberg. Sources told Bloomberg that Apple is working on a video recording/editing app that would be similar in functionality to Snapchat, though there’s no mention of disappearing or self-destructing content in the report. Instead, the… Read More

Google adds even more 3D Touch support to its iOS app

(source: Engagdget Mobile)
The Google app on iOS has supported 3D Touch for awhile, but that's going, ahem, deeper. Now you can deep press on the big G at the bottom of the screen to start a new search query from anywhere within the app. Doing the same on Search and Maps results will offer previews of web pages and maps, respectively, while an even firmer press will open the links or Map. If you don't have an iOS device that supports the feature, long pressing will net you the same results. Beyond that, version 18's patch notes are barren aside from word that there are more Doodles and games coming in the future.

Source: iTunes

Apple is reportedly developing a social video app

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

Deep in the bowels of Apple HQ, the company is reportedly developing a new video-editing and sharing application. According to Bloomberg, it's similar to Snapchat, allowing iPhone users to quickly record video, apply filters and scribble messages on top with their finger. The app is being optimized for one-handed use, a source tells the site, with a workflow that you can plow through -- from shooting to sharing -- in under a minute.

Via: The Verge

Source: Bloomberg

Customized online prescription acne treatment provider Curology raises $15M

(source: MobileCrunch)
curology David Lortscher was one of a few dozen people practicing dermatology in New Mexico when he realized a huge problem in the field: There weren’t enough dermatologists, and people were skipping out on visits because they thought it was for more affluent people or took too long. So Lortscher decided to start Curology, which provides acne and anti-aging treatment and prescriptions through… Read More

MWC 2017 Fair details

(source: Lets Go Mobile)
The GSMA today announced the first details of the 2017 Mobile World Congress, including exhibitors, sponsors, programmes and activities taking place at the annual mobile industry event. As always, the exhibition at Mobile World Congress brings together the leading players from across the mobile ecosystem, as well as adjacent industry sectors such as automotive and consumer electronics, putting the spotlight on the innovative products, services and technologies that are shaping the mobile landscape. Under the theme “Mobile: The Next Element”, Mobile World Congress will be held 27 February - 2 March 2017 at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, with events also taking place at Fira Montjuïc.

Pokémon Go is boosting competitor in-app purchase revenue, too

(source: MobileCrunch)
LookOut-pokemon-go While Pokémon Go is definitely the primary benefactor of its own success, that doesn’t mean it’s hurting its competition in the mobile gaming space. New data from mobile commerce provider DOCOMO Digital has found that in fact, the Google Play Store’s top four grossing apps have seen a 10 percent increase in overall revenue from their games in Europe since the debut of… Read More

Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard takes on Google with integrated GIF and Bing search

(source: MobileCrunch)
wordflow If customized keyboards for mobile devices are to be the next-gen interface for accessing the wider web – including information you’d normally turn to a search engine to find – then Microsoft today has stepped up its fight with Google with the rollout of a new version of its predictive keyboard app Word Flow. While the app previously offered intelligent word suggestions… Read More

The new paradigm for human-bot communication

(source: MobileCrunch)
robot-customer-service Chatbots offer the promise of frictionless access to goods, services and information, but creating effective bots can be deceptively tricky. The flip side of the opportunity to interact with users in a seamless, natural way is that user expectations can be prohibitively high. Bots need to be smart and provide greater convenience than apps. Read More

Authentication startup Auth0 raises $15M as it beefs up security features

(source: MobileCrunch)
auth0 “Identity-as-a-service” startup Auth0 (pronounced “auth zero”) has raised $15 million in Series B funding. CEO Jon Gelsey said that for many website and mobile app developers, integrating with different login systems can turn into a big headache — and also create security risks. So the company helps those developers manage identity and authentication, whether… Read More

Lisn’s new app lets you stream songs for your friends while chatting

(source: MobileCrunch)
Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 3.45.07 PM The joy that comes from listening to music with friends is something that’s been around ever since…well, ever since music. But today, thanks to digital services that let you listen anytime, anywhere, music is now more often a solo experience. A new app called Lisn wants to change that, by offering you a way to listen to music with a friend, no matter how far apart you are, and… Read More