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Today's wireless news from around the Web:

Facebook “Messenger Day” is the chat app’s new Snapchat Stories clone

(source: MobileCrunch)
messenger-snapchat Facebook is stealing the Stories format and invading countries where Snapchat isn’t popular yet. Today in Poland it launched “Messenger Day”, which lets people share illustrated filter-enhanced photos and videos that disappear in 24 hours, just like on Snapchat. By using the international popularity of Messenger to spread the Stories format, Facebook could boost retention… Read More

Cybersecurity firm offers $1.5 million for iPhone exploits

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

A previously undisclosed (aka zero-day) exploit can fetch enough money to buy its finder a house. Zerodium, a firm that buys security exploits, has announced that it's paying $1.5 million for one that can be used to take over iPhones and iPads. That's thrice what the company used to offer, though it did up the bounty to $1 million last year for a limited time. While that very much smelled like PR stunt, Zerodium did end up having to pay one group the full amount. Unlike that time, this price bump is permanent. Anyone who's OK with the fact that Zerodium will sell their find to the government and to various corporations can cash in anytime.

Source: Ars Technica, Wired

California approves unmanned self-driving car trials

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

Given the number of tech companies that call California home, it's no surprise the state has been quick with forward-thinking legislation to support the development of self-driving vehicles. And almost four years to the day since driverless trials on public streets were first approved, a new bill has been signed off by Governor Jerry Brown that permits autonomous car tests without a human passenger overseeing proceedings.

Via: The Mercury News

Source: California Legislative Information

Avast CEO on why it’s just spent $1.4BN to absorb security rival AVG

(source: MobileCrunch)
Avast CEO vince steckler with staff from its threat lab Security firm Avast has today confirmed the completion of a $1.4 billion acquisition of fellow Czech-based antivirus company AVG. The deal will see Avast’s customer base nearly double — swelling from 230 million to more than 400 million in total, 160M of whom are mobile users. Read More

Shazam is finally profitable after a billion downloads

(source: MobileCrunch)
06_Shazam_iPhone_insitu_final Shazam, the mobile and desktop app that acts as a digital ear and song identifier, crossed the 1 billion download mark recently, according to a report from Billboard on Thursday. The London-based company, Shazam Entertainment Ltd., also announced that it has achieved profitability, at long last, thanks to a new focus on advertising sales, alongside revenue from commissions on digital… Read More

Spotify could out-dance Apple if it does acquire SoundCloud

(source: MobileCrunch)
spoticloud SoundCloud as a company is a disaster, but it’s the only streaming service with the DJ sets and remixes kids love. So it makes perfect sense that Spotify is in advanced talks to acquire SoundCloud, the Financial Times reports. Spotify already declined to buy it twice over the past year and a half; talks broke down over pricing. But since then, SoundCloud has hammered out deals with the… Read More

MightyTV’s Tinder-style TV recommendation app comes to Android

(source: MobileCrunch)
MightyTV Android MightyTV, an app that helps you figure out what to watch next, is now available on Android. The startup is led by AdMeld co-founder Brian Adams, and it presents users with a stack of movie and TV recommendations which you swipe through, Tinder-style. If you’ve seen something already, you can say whether or not you liked it, which will influence the recommendations you see next. If you… Read More

Beyoncé becomes a tech startup investor

(source: MobileCrunch)
beyonce-investor Joining celebrity investors like Snoop Dogg, Ashton Kutcher, and Justin Bieber, Queen Bey is bringing her supreme business skills to the tech world. Beyoncé and the management company she started called Parkwood Entertainment have invested $150,000 into Sidestep, an app for buying concert merchandise and skipping the line to pick it up at the show. Sidestep originally started selling… Read More

'Game of Thrones' e-books make it easier to keep up with the action

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

To properly celebrate the 20th anniversary of George R. R. Martin's best-selling A Game of Thrones, there's a new iBooks edition of the series that offers features to help you keep up with all of the action. The first installment is officially called A Game of Thrones: Enhanced Edition and all of the e-books pack in character maps, annotations, house summaries, a glossary of terms and other handy tools. As books two through five are added to the collection, that glossary will expand alongside developing storylines.

Via: Time

Source: Apple

The Sense bedside sleep tracker maker hires a CMO from DoorDash

(source: MobileCrunch)
Sense app on smartphone Hello, the makers of the Sense sleep tracker, has hired Angela Chang, a former marketing lead for Nest and who was most-recently head of marketing at DoorDash, as its chief marketing officer. Her hire comes at a time when the company is making an aggressive push to get into larger retailers — most recently Best Buy and Target — and get the device and brand in front of as many… Read More

Luna Launcher turns your Android phone into a kid-friendly device

(source: MobileCrunch)
luna-launcher On the fence about whether your child is old enough for their own smartphone? A new app called Luna Launcher can help you warm to the idea, by offering a simple way to limit access to select apps and actions, including who they can call or text – a list you can restrict to family members, for example. Of course, because of the way it needs to interact with your phone’s… Read More

CodeSpark raises $4.1 million for games that teach kids how to code

(source: MobileCrunch)
A 4-year-old learns to code using codeSpark games. A Los Angeles startup called codeSpark has raised $4.1 million in seed funding for web and mobile games that teach kids how to code, even before they know how to read and write effectively. CodeSpark’s games were developed for kids 4 to 9 years old, and with a goal of not just teaching them STEM concepts, but engaging boys and girls equally well. The games feature characters who are… Read More

Grow launches its app for socially responsible investing

(source: MobileCrunch)
screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-10-26-56-am Amid an increasing number robo-investors like Betterment, Stash, and Robinhood, a new San Francisco-based fintech startup called Grow is entering the fray to compete based on investment type, not only financial returns. While the app operates much like its rivals in terms of making it easier for novice investors quickly build their portfolios, its biggest differentiator is that it focuses… Read More

Free stock trade app Robinhood monetizes with $10/month to buy on credit

(source: MobileCrunch)
gold-iphone-shot Robinhood says it will never charge commissions to trade stocks, but the $66 million-funded startup is finally ramping up monetization with the launch of “Robinhood Gold” premium features. For $10 per month, users can skip the three-day waiting period with instant deposits and reinvesting, trade 30 minutes before and 2 hours after the market is open, and borrow up to double the… Read More

Restauranteur hopes the Apple Watch will improve fine dining

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

Danny Meyer is considered to be quite the progressive restauranteur. His employees don't rely on tips to make ends meet (the practice is outlawed at his establishments, in fact), and they get various benefits including a share of profits. Aside from running his hospitality empire in an unorthodox way, he's also the mastermind behind Shake Shack. His next forward-thinking initiative doesn't involve any new management strategies, however. Rather, at one of his flagship restaurants he'll soon be ceding some of that responsibility to the Apple Watch.

Source: Eater

Simple rolls out shared bank accounts that work for anyone, including roommates

(source: MobileCrunch)
shared-cards-twotone Online banking service Simple is today rolling out a new product: shared accounts. However, unlike joint checking accounts typically shared by spouses, Simple’s shared accounts work differently. They allow customers to maintain their own accounts, but quickly fund then switch over to shared accounts to collaborate with each other on financial planning by tracking shared expenses,… Read More

Lose It launches Snap It to let users count calories in food photos

(source: MobileCrunch)
Lose It! is building a system to derive calorie counts from food photos. Boston-based Lose It! (incorporated as FitNow Inc.) has released a new beta feature today called Snap It within its weight loss and calorie tracking app. As is easily guessed by the name, Snap It beta lets users take photos of their daily meals and snacks to automatically log them and derive approximate calorie counts. For now, users will be able to open the Lose It! app, pick a meal-type… Read More

Meetup redesigns its mobile apps to focus on your personal interests

(source: MobileCrunch)
Meetup Meetup is giving users a new way to find the meetups that give the company its name. The New York City-based company is launching new smartphone apps and a (partially) redesigned website with new branding, as well as a new way to browse meetup listings. “We killed the calendar,” CEO and co-founder Scott Heiferman said. Instead, Meetup will recommend listings for you based on your… Read More

Apple logs your iMessage contacts and could share them with police

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

Apple's iMessage had a few security holes in March and April that potentially leaked photos and contacts, respectively. Though quickly patched, they are a reminder that the company faces a never-ending arms race to shore up its security to keep malicious hackers and government agencies out. But that doesn't mean they will always be able to keep it private. A report from The Intercept states that iMessage conversation metadata gets logged in Apple's servers, which the company could be compelled to turn over to law enforcement by court order. While the content of those messages remains encrypted and out of the police's hands, these records list time, date, frequency of contact and limited location information.

Source: The Intercept

GoTenna Mesh keeps people connected even when they’re miles apart and off-grid

(source: MobileCrunch)
gotenna_mesh_hiker_1 Today, goTenna is taking pre-orders for their new product, a device called the goTenna Mesh that lets smartphone users text and share their GPS locations, off-grid and across miles of terrain. The new device works like goTenna’s flagship product did in that it can be used where normal cellular, satellite or wifi services are not available. And like the company’s flagship goTenna,… Read More