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Today's wireless news from around the Web:

Adobe Updates Creative Cloud With Focus On Improved Workflows And Mobile, Announces New Portfolio Service

(source: MobileCrunch)
5d04c12e7981976d128a7a2292123f73 Adobe is kicking off its annual MAX conference in Los Angeles today. Traditionally, this is where the company announces its latest updates and gives us a glimpse of the new features it’s working on for products like Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and Premiere Pro. This year is no exception. The company is launching a slew of new features for almost all of its Creative Cloud products… Read More

Twitter Names Jack Dorsey CEO, Adam Bain Becomes COO, Dick Costolo Steps Down From Board

(source: MobileCrunch)
7973901378_92b39180d9_b After four months of running under Jack Dorsey interim chief executive, today Twitter finally named him as its permanent leader. The man who helped co-found Twitter in 2006 is now its full-time CEO again. Dorsey is juggling the job with a couple of other roles. In addition to already being the social network’s chairman of the board, he is also the CEO of Square, an e-commerce startup that… Read More

The After Math: Long-distance trips, iPhone issues and Twitter n00bs

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

Such an eventful week! Besides NASA finding water on Mars, Apple releasing El Capitan and Experian exposing data on 15 million T-Mobile users, we saw journeys of unprecedented distance. And don't forget these impressive iPhone battery life savings thanks to ad blockers, or this soul-crushing Super Mario Bros. editor.


Google updates Photos for iOS, but no Chromecast support just yet

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

Waiting for the revamped Google Photos app to arrive on iOS? Well, the company has just rolled out an update on iTunes, but we're afraid it doesn't come with all the new features Mountain View promised at its Nexus event. The latest version for iPhones and iPads lets you share animations via Whatsapp, and if you're in the US, it gives you the power to label people and merge face groups. Similar to the Android version, you can easily search for the names of the people you labeled or even combine search terms (say, name + location) to find particular photos. However, it has one glaring omission: it's not Chromecast-enabled just yet. Google says that's "coming soon!" in its announcement post -- in the meantime, it has sprinkled in some bug fixes and added the ability to fire up the app faster.

Source: iTunes, Google Photos (Google+)

What I learned from spending a week with the first big Apple Watch update

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

By Jared Newman

This article originally appeared on Fast Company and is reprinted with permission.

As the first Apple Watch update big enough to merit its own official web page, WatchOS 2 is supposed to be a big deal.

Samsung Gear S2 Launched in USA

(source: MobileBurn)
As promised, Samsung has released its Gear S2 smartwatch in the United States, with the wearable going on sale in the country on Friday (Oct 2). Those of you interested in getting one of them may be disappointed to see that Samsung has only made the Dark Grey variant so far, of course if Dark Grey is your thing then you're set.
Read the full story here.

Apple acquires speech technology and virtual assistant startup VocalIQ

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

Autos Apple and Android

Cupertino is set on improving its voice technology and virtual assistant, and is reportedly doing so by acquiring a UK-based startup that specializes in just that. Financial Times reports that Apple acquired VocalIQ, a company that builds virtual assistants using machine learning tech. One can easily surmise that Tim Cook & Co. were interested in VocalIQ's smarts to further boost Siri, but Apple may also be interested in help with either of its automotive efforts. GM was reportedly working on a system with VocalIQ that would learn a driver's intentions and vocabulary over time, taking cues that are more intuitive. With Apple having both CarPlay and Project Titan on the table, the company's plans could be focused solely on the driver's seat. That being said, we'll have to wait and see how the matters progress, but hopefully we won't have to wait until 2019 to get the details.

We've reached out to Apple for confirmation of the acquisition and will update this post when we hear back.

[Image credit: AP Photo/Paul Sancya]

Via: Business Insider

Source: Financial Times

A New App Called Soon Organizes Your Everyday Bucket List

(source: MobileCrunch)
Soon x4 Your friend tells you about a great new TV show they’re watching on Netflix, or a new restaurant that you just have to try. If you’re like me, you tend to pop open the Notepad app on your phone and jot down this information for later…And then you promptly forget about it. A new mobile application called Soon is now offering a better way to help you keep track of all those… Read More

Apple made the iPhone 6s nearly waterproof and didn't tell anyone

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

Leave it up to Apple to downplay a surprisingly useful engineering feat: A water-resistant iPhone. It turns out the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus sport a combination of new technology that makes them far more resistant to liquid damage than past iPhones, iFixit reports. Apple packed in a new gasket around the sides of the phone, and it incased every cable connector on the phone's logic board with a waterproofing material. Given that the logic board that includes most of the iPhone's sensitive electronics and is the most prone to water damage, Apple's solution is particularly clever. Most other water-resistant phones focus on protecting external ports, rather than internal electronics. While it's far from being truly waterproof, there are plenty of videos online showing iPhone 6s models surviving water dunks. The truly strange thing is Apple has never mentioned the feature -- unlike Samsung and Sony, both of which championed water resistance as key features of some recent phones (though Samsung gave up on it for the Galaxy S6, and Sony is backtracking on its claims).

Via: Wired

Source: iFixit

4G Americas Supports Freedom for Innovation in Unlicensed Spectrum

(source: Wireless DevNet)
4G Americas announced its support for continued innovation in unlicensed wireless spectrum by endorsing the seven key principles of the recently formed EVOLVE coalition regarding the use of unlicensed spectrum

GIV Mobile Launches YourWirelessCompanySucks.com to Help Consumers Choose a Wireless Carrier

(source: Wireless DevNet)
GIV Mobile, the first consumer conscious no-contract wireless service, just launched a website designed to help consumers consider what they should look for in a wireless carrier

Exhibitors Announce Activities at Next Weeks Commercial UAV Expo

(source: Wireless DevNet)
Nearly 120 manufactures and suppliers of airframes, components, sensors, software and services will be exhibiting at next weeks Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas. The conference, which will take place from October 5-7 at Caesars Palace

Restaurant Innovation Summit Brings Together the Latest in Tech Thought Leadership

(source: Wireless DevNet)
The National Restaurant Association today its agenda for this year's Restaurant Innovation Summit happening October 27th and 28th in San Diego, CA. The Summit will focus on "Reinventing the Restaurant Experience"

Women in Tech to Lead the Way at Apps World 2015

(source: Wireless DevNet)
Apps World London 2015, taking place from 18th - 19th November, will this year place women in technology in the spotlight to explore the challenges and benefits for professional tech women in this fast moving tech industry

Surface Pro 4 to Ditch Bezels

(source: MobileBurn)
We are expecting Microsoft to launch the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL smartphones alongside Windows 10 Mobile next week. However, the company will also be launching a new Surface Pro, the fourth edition of the tablet come full on laptop PC. The latest information suggests that the Surface Pro 4 will come with a razor thin bezel that will make it look like an all-screen device.
Read the full story here.

Consumer Watchdog Groups Complain Updated YouTube Kids App Still Exposes Children To Deceptive Ads

(source: MobileCrunch)
YouTube Kids Screenshot YouTube announced changes to its kid-friendly YouTube Kids mobile application this week designed to better educate parents on how the app works and the protections it offers, following a number of complaints, including those to the FTC, from consumer watchdog organizations. But the groups today are saying that YouTube hasn’t gone far enough with the updated YouTube Kids app, calling… Read More

Apple's late to the car game and that's okay

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

There have been Apple Car (or iCar) rumors since at least 2007. They usually involve the company teaming up with an automaker to design an iPod- or iPhone-ready vehicle. Nothing has ever come of all the speculation and it's probably for the best. When Apple teams up with another company, the results are rarely satisfying. Remember the train wreck known as the Motorola ROKR? Now it looks like Apple is finally forging ahead with its automotive plans according to reports. But it'll do so on its own and there will reportedly be a production vehicle ready in 2019. If true, it's a bold plan. Not because launching a vehicle in that short of a time frame is impossible. It's that the electric, semi-autonomous vehicle market will be pretty crowded come 2019. But Apple should be fine with that because entering a crowded market with its own twist on a product is what it does.

Tell us how you really feel about the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

iPhone 6s

It's been a week since the release of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and while this is an "s" year -- meaning a lot of subtle changes instead of a big redesign -- there's still a lot to like about this year's models. We appreciated the speedier Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and the optical image stabilization in the 6s Plus proved handy with video recording. But our reviewer Chris Velazco came away most impressed with 3D Touch, a "tremendously useful tool" that he "wanted to use all the time." And now we'd like to know if our readers agree. Plenty of you have upgraded to one of Apple's new phones in the past week, and now we're giving you an opportunity to tell us what your experience has been so far. Write a review in our product database for the 6s or 6s Plus and we'll feature some of the best ones in a future post.

Apple Watch is coming to Target stores on October 18th

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

If you're shopping at Target, you'll soon be able to buy something other than picture frames and bedding. The Apple Watch arrives October 18th and be available in every store by October 25th. The retailer said it will stock 20 different models, with prices ranging from $349 for the 38mm Watch Sport, up to $599 for a stainless steel 42mm Watch model. Target is the second retail chain to get the Watch after Best Buy, and apart from Apple, only high-end department stores like Galeries Lafayette in Paris have carried it. The Target deal makes sense, however, since the chain already carries the iPhone, iPad and most other Apple products.

Via: TechCrunch

Source: Target

Apple's reportedly getting a second 'Spaceship' campus

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

Apple's Landbank Investments Office Building

Apple's new 2.8 million square foot California HQ hasn't even been built yet, but already the "spaceship" campus has achieved iconic status. Tim Cook and 12,000 other employees hope to move in late next year, but that won't be the end of the company's expansion in the area. BizJournals reports that Apple has signed a new deal for Landbank Investments LLC's planned Central & Wolfe campus in Sunnyvale, which is roughly a five-mile drive from its current Cupertino home. Slideshow-324894

Via: Bizjournals

Source: Not Another Box