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Today's wireless news from around the Web:

Google Snags Former Tesla Autopilot Engineering Manager Robert Rose

(source: MobileCrunch)
Self-Driving With No Passengers The battle to make elite autonomous vehicles is on, and a major part of that is assembling teams that will carry out your plans. Today, it was reported that Google snagged Tesla’s former Autopilot software engineering manager, Robert Rose. Rose also spent five years at SpaceX, according to his LinkedIn profile. Read More

Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey To Make “Special Announcement” This Week

(source: MobileCrunch)
18722839821_4a03d6fa37_z At this week’s “Game Awards” in Los Angeles, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey is scheduled to attend and make an announcement of some sort, its host announced today on Twitter. Read More

YouTube Enters The App Store’s Top Grossing Charts, Thanks To YouTube Red Subscriptions

(source: MobileCrunch)
youtube red YouTube’s plans to convert a portion of its user base to a subscription-based, ad-free service known as YouTube Red appears to be gaining traction. The company’s iOS application is now ranked as one of the App Store’s Top 10 Grossing apps on iPhone, following the launch of YouTube Red in late October. This indicates that a number of users who initially signed up for the… Read More

Here's why the iPad Pro's processor is so fast

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

Whatever you think of Apple's products, there's little doubt that the A9X processor in the iPad Pro is quick -- in a few cases, it rivals the performance you'd get from a laptop. But why is it so quick, especially when Apple tends to shy away from high clock speeds, many-core processors and other conventional performance tricks? Thanks to AnandTech and Chipworks, we now have a good idea. They've torn down the A9X to reveal that the chip is a series of calculated tradeoffs. It only has two CPU cores and doesn't even have Level 3 memory cache to keep the processor humming, but it has a monstrous amount of bandwidth (51GB per second) and a whopping 12 graphics cores. That's twice as many as in the iPhone 6s' A9 chip, folks. To boot, the A9X is larger than Intel's latest quad-core desktop processors -- Apple has the headroom for components that you don't see in many PCs.

Source: AnandTech

Sonos will support Apple Music starting December 15th

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

Sonos will close a major gap in the services that it supports on December 15th -- that's when the company's products will start working with Apple Music. The company said that this would happen by the end of the year back in June, just before Apple Music launched, and it seems that it'll make good on its promises. The service will first be available as part of an open beta, with full availability to come in early 2016.

Via: Buzzfeed

Google Granted Patent That Enables Self-Driving Cars To Interact With Pedestrians

(source: MobileCrunch)
Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.03.46 AM A lot of people are excited to hop into a car one day and read emails and tweets as the car drives itself, and you, to work. It would cut down on the anxiety we all feel during our daily commutes, as well as keep the roads safer. Google’s self-driving project is leading the pack, and a recently granted patent (Patent #: US009196164, granted 11/24/15) signals that the company is trying… Read More

LucidCam Hits Its $100K Campaign Goal, Team Partners With Sephora On VR Content

(source: MobileCrunch)
Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 10.47.12 AM When we first met the team building the LucidCam, they aimed to raise $100,000 on Indiegogo. They found their 264 backers to get them there. Their goal is to bring the ability to shoot immersive virtual reality content with a camera that fits in your pocket. And at a reasonable price ($299). I caught up with Lucid’s CEO, Han Jin, to see what’s next. TC: You hit your goal. Any… Read More

Alpha Bus Chooses Diga-Talk for Clear Fleet Communication

(source: Wireless DevNet)
Alpha Bus has announced its upgrade to digital radio communications using Diga-Talk, Midwest's largest digital two-way radio network. To date, 171 Alpha Bus school buses are now relying on Diga-Talk to communicate efficiently

Bringing Wireless Gigabit Networks To American Communities

(source: Wireless DevNet)
Siklu Inc. and Broavada Communications, LLC, a subsidiary of the national technology consulting firm, The Broadband Group, have announced an historic partnership to accelerate the deployment of millimeter wave Gigabit wireless networks

Proxim Wireless and TKH Security Announce Collaboration in the Outdoor Video Surveillance Market

(source: Wireless DevNet)
Proxim Wireless Corporation and TKH Security Solutions, a leader in security and video surveillance systems, are announcing a complete wireless video surveillance solution for customers worldwide

Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Welcomes WRC-15 Decision to Preserve Lower UHF Bands for Terrestrial TV

(source: Wireless DevNet)
The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance supports the decision made at the ITUs WRC-15 to maintain the ITUs primary allocation of the lower UHF spectrum from 470 MHz to 694 MHz to terrestrial broadcasting services until at least 2023

Rural Wireless Broadband proving a Game-Changer

(source: Wireless DevNet)
Since launching Rural Wireless Broadband just over three months ago, more than 2000 of Sparks rural customers are already benefitting from access to a much faster and a more reliable internet service using Sparks 4G mobile network

Perk.com Buys Corona Labs For $2.3 Million, Will Combine Cross-Platform App Development With A Rewards Platform

(source: MobileCrunch)
perk Mobile rewards platform maker Perk.com, which makes apps that reward you for watching TV, unlocking your phone, online shopping, surfing the web and more, announced this morning its plans to acquire the mobile app development platform Corona Labs for a total of $2.3 million. This is the second time Corona Labs has been acquired – in 2014, Fuse Powered bought the Palo Alto-based… Read More

The New Wave Of Selling On Mobile And Social

(source: MobileCrunch)
mobile-ecommerce-shopping The holiday season is here, and shoppers and merchants alike are gearing up for the busiest shopping season of the year. How will technology impact retail this season, and what’s new in 2015 about the ancient “art of the sale”? eMarketer predicts a happy holiday season for retailers this year, with US retail sales in the months of November and December increasing 5.7 percent… Read More

Li-Fi Probably Won’t Be The New Wi-Fi For Most People

(source: MobileCrunch)
HH_LiFi Long restricted to the academic domain, Li-Fi, a light-based data delivery method is suddenly getting all sorts of attention. An Estonian startup Velmenni recently tested an commercial implementation and found it to be superior to Wi-Fi in almost every way – except as something you and I will probably ever use. Velmenni’s technology, called Jungru, uses an LED bulb and transmits… Read More

Apple's next iPhone reportedly ditches the headphone jack

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

Apple's quest for ever-thinner, ever-smarter devices may produce another casualty: your iPhone's headphone jack. A rumor at MacOtakara claims that the next iPhone might drop the 3.5mm port and use the Lightning port for audio instead. The move would let Apple slim its phone even further (reportedly, over 1mm thinner than the iPhone 6s) and take advantage of Lightning's features, such as headphone-based DACs and app launching. You'd have to use an adapter for any conventional wired headphones, or else make the leap to Bluetooth.

Via: MacRumors

Source: MacOtakara (translated)

Thanksgiving/Black Friday Online Sales Hit $4.5B, 34% Of Purchases Made On Mobile

(source: MobileCrunch)
christmas wrapping The first two days of the holiday sales period have netted $4.45 billion in U.S. online purchases, with mobile devices — led by smartphones — accounting for a record $1.5 billion of that amount, with $2.72 billion spent on BlackFriday and $1.73 billion on Thanksgiving. The figures come from Adobe, which has been tracking some 4,500 sites, including 80% of the top 100… Read More

How Mobile Apps Are Transforming The Job Search

(source: MobileCrunch)
mobile-cv-resume1 Searching for a job is just like dating, banking or procrastinating on chores until someone else does them: It’s something we all have to do. So why shouldn’t the job search be the basis for mobile apps, like those other adult obligations? Over the past couple of years, it has. As 2015 turns to 2016, the job search is now squarely the business of mobile technology, with the tedium… Read More

Microsoft's Cortana iPhone app rolls out to beta testers

(source: Engagdget Mobile)

Less than a month after kicking off the Cortana for iPhone beta signups, Microsoft has started rolling out the app to people who showed interest in testing it. As TechCrunch points out, the early build is being distributed through TestFlight, a developer-focused service that lets iOS users try applications before their public release. Based on the app's current description, Microsoft is asking testers to set a Cortana reminder on a Windows 10 PC and see how it works with an iPhone, as well as communicate with the virtual assistant and observe how she responds to queries. Back in August, Cortana also arrived on Android via public beta, so it's only a matter of time before Microsoft officially releases it on Google and Apple's mobile platforms.

Via: TechCrunch

Source: Microsoft News

Thanksgiving Online Sales Reach A Record $1.73B, 37% Of Sales Made On Mobile Devices

(source: MobileCrunch)
christmas wrapping The number of people buying goods online and by mobile during the holiday season continues to grow, but the average value of what they are buying may be falling. IBM has now published some of its stats for Thanksgiving online sales — amassed by way of its Benchmark survey tracking thousands of sites — and it reports that sales overall were up 26% yesterday compared to a year ago. Read More